The importance of intellectual property

The importance of intellectual property generated by biomedical research at universities and academic hospitals

Biomedical research has many different facets, but the overall goal of biomedical research is to ensure that results thereof (such as a therapy, a device, or a method which may be broadly referred to as “inventions”) are clinically implemented. Most of the researchers’ efforts are centered on the advance of technical and scientific aspects of an invention. The development and implementation of an invention can be arduous and very costly.

It has proven to be crucial to protect intellectual property rights to an invention (i.e., a patent) to ensure that companies can obtain a fair return on their investment that is needed to develop an academic invention into a product for the benefit of patients.

This paper aims to raise IP awareness amongst clinical and translational researchers, provide a concise overview of what the patenting trajectory entails and highlight the importance of patenting for research and the researcher. 

Read here the full paper by Joris Heus, Mirjam Leloux et al.