Three vouchers for research collaborations

The VU Network Institute awarded three research-business collaboration proposals with a voucher of € 5.000 each. Businesses-research matches were made with Trivago, Fjord (part of Accenture), Cleverbase.

A successful Science meets Business session in May paved the way for this call for proposals. IXA and the VU Network Institute invited researchers and companies to explore opportunities for research collaborations. During the Science meets Business event companies as well as researchers shortly present themselves.

Awarded projects

The Network Institute  awarded  the three most promising collaborations with a research vouchers of vouchers of € 5.000, which stands for one month of research. This way, businesses and researchers work on substantiating a project, product or service.

The three awarded projects are:

Assessing the quality of online hotel reviews

Researcher: Davide Ceolin (Computer Science, FEW)
Partner: Trivago
VU computer scientist Davide Ceolin will conduct a series of analyses on a large dataset of hotel reviews collected by Trivago to investigate the quality of these reviews from diverse points of view, e.g., relevance, accuracy, and veracity. The analyses will involve both human coding (crowdsourcing) and automated evaluation (machine learning, NLP). The project will ultimately benefit users of the Trivago platform, because it will allow Trivago to present them with reviews that are of better quality and are more useful in their decision-making process.

An unexpected marriage: a multi-method analysis of the emergence of a new profession

Researcher: Natalja Laurey from KIN research (Knowledge, Information and Networks, FEWEB)
Partner: Fjord (part of Accenture)
Fjord is a service design consultancy active in the field of digital innovation, with a particular interest in designing digital products and services for their clients with a human centered view. In 2013, Fjord was acquired by Accenture, a large management and IT consultancy. Natalja Laurey from KIN research will study how this acquisition has changed – and will be expected to change - innovation, duration of their offered services, and partner networks of Fjord. 

Accelerating the Adoption of Technology: Integrating Exemplification and Diffusion of Innovations in Start-Up Marketing

Researcher: Benjamin Johnson (Communication Science, FSW)
Partner: Cleverbase
Cleverbase provides qualified information exchange, where customers securely log in, sign, and share business documents with each other and log in to web portals. In this collaboration, communication researcher Benjamin Johnson will use scientific insights in marketing communication to inform marketing message design for cleverbase before and after product launch, and test the effectiveness of these messages.  This will benefit Cleverbase’s launch, but it will also add to scientific knowledge about persuading organizational decision-making, and innovation adoption, in the contexts of start-up technology in a B2B context.

Find here an impression of the event.