Value Creation Capital invests in Optical fiber nanosensing company Optics11

Value Creation Capital is investing in Optics11 through its TechNanoFund, a fund aimed at stimulating growth and development in high tech companies (RVO SEED). Optics11 is a fast-growing high-tech company that makes measurement systems based on optical fiber technology, measuring nanoscale effects in difficult environments. Originating from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Davide Iannuzzi founded the company in 2011 together with Hans Brouwer. Building on so-called fiber-top technology, they laid the foundation for a range of measurement solutions, which are now finding their way into successful products.

Optical fiber sensing technology

The unique fiber sensing systems, as developed by Optics11, are a combination of two nanotechnologies: fiber-top technology and fiber interferometry. Using micro-manufacturing technology, Optics11 can fabricate Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems on the end face of an optical fiber. Combined with unique fiber-interferometric read-out technology, very precise measurements can be performed in the harshest environments, in the smallest spaces. Nanoscale measurements of vibrations, acoustics or forces are now made easy and accessible.

Nanoindentation for biomaterials and tissues

Using the optical fiber sensing technology, Optics11 has developed a revolutionary device: the Piuma Nanoindenter. The Piuma Nanoindenter is able to perform nanoindentation measurements of soft biomaterials, bringing the nano- and micromechanical properties of for example native and engineered tissues to light. The system enables researchers and developers in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, an area in which knowledge of the micromechanical properties of cells and tissues are key.

In addition to supplying capital, Value Creation Capital (through TechNano Fund) will assume a role in the Advisory Board to actively support Optics11 in its growth ambitions. The entrepreneurial investors of Value Creation Capital proved to be a good match with the company. Next to knowledge and experience in scaling up young tech companies, the funding of Value Creation Capital is a solid impulse for Optics11 to further grow the company. “Finding the right investor is not easy. It is not just the investment itself, but having a good working relationship and joint vision is of the utmost importance” says Niek Rijnveld (CEO Optics11).

“We expect substantial growth for Optics11 in their respective markets” says Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner at Value Creation Capital. “Their technologies are world class and in great demand. The people in the company are extremely talented and disciplined, to an extend we seldomly experienced. We are looking forward to a very fruitful corporation with Optics11 in the years to come”.