Venture Lab Humanities officially opened

Venture Lab Humanities is officially opened at the Humanities faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

On November 2, the Venture Lab Humanities at UvA opened its doors in the former space of the Service & Information Centre. This new initiative provides enterprising staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities a place to meet and inspire each other. ACE Venture Lab and IXA will provide training and coaching in starting your own business.

The opening gathered a great number of faculty members, students and entrepreneurs in the VOX POP location at Binnenstadscampus where incubator will now be located. The ceremony was started by the rector magnificus of UvA Karen Maex who congratulated everyone on the new initiative at the faculty and rang the gong to mark the official opening of Venture Lab Humanities.

The evening continued with the interactive debate during which the audience and the selected panel of speakers discussed the relevance of entrepreneurship education at the Humanities faculty.