Strategic advice for management

When it comes to valorisation strategy and policies on the institutional level, IXA is perfectly positioned to advise and assist management boards of faculties, institutes, departments and other entities within the five IXA partners. The expertise of IXA encompasses European, (inter)national and regional valorisation policies and programmes and research grants. IXA represents the academic institutions in the relevant workgroups, platforms and forums.

A broad range of services for researchers

Whatever the idea, invention, insight, finding or application is, valorisation starts with a thorough intake. Together with the researcher(s), we discuss the idea and challenge it from all angles. IXA and the researcher review the stakeholders and customers and evaluate the various options for valorisation. A new company, a training method, a license, collaborating with industry – whatever suits the idea and the researcher best. IXA can offer support throughout the entire valorisation process.

•   Protection of Intellectual Property
•   Spin-off company
•   Networking and collaborations
•   Legal advice and support
•   Negotiations
•   Licensing intellectual property
•   Research grants
•   Training

Protection of Intellectual Property

Depending on the exact nature of the invention, legal protection might be necessary. IXA advises on the different possibilities and assists in filing for a patent or claiming copyright. Timely protection is crucial to enable future commercial exploitation. Make sure to consult IXA as early as possible.

Spin-off company

Setting up a new company is a great way to exploit the potential of an innovation. Together with the researcher, IXA will engage in an in-depth evaluation process to find out whether there is business potential in the proposed innovation. Questions to address include:

• Who would be potential customers?
• Is there an existing market?
• What about the competition?
• Are the financial risks acceptable?
• Who will be managing the company?

Once all lights are green for the new venture, IXA can advise on the legal aspects that come with incorporating a company. In addition, assistance can be given in contacting experienced management and identifying investors or other funding sources. IXA also has its own financial instruments to support new ventures: the Proof-of-Concept fund and the Pre-Seed fund, both offering up to Euro 100.000.

Networking and Collaborations

IXA can help building or expanding your network, for example to suggest relevant societal institutions, companies or government bodies, within the Netherlands and abroad. Collaboration with one or more external parties is usually a key aspect of the valorisation process. Identifying potential partners is an important first step. When it comes to negotiating the terms of such a collaboration and drawing up a contract, IXA has the necessary expertise.

Legal advice and support

IXA’s legal team  is available to help with many legal aspects of the valorisation process. Whether it is about the terms of research collaborations, license agreements, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements or any other type of contract, IXA provides you with professional support. Whatever the legal question, the sooner IXA gets involved, the better.


Closing agreements that suit the interests of all parties involved is quite a challenge. For academics, negotiating with commercial parties can be daunting. IXA gladly accompanies researchers during the negotiations and can help defend their academic interests. Moreover, IXA can assist in ensuring an optimal position for the researcher's group or institute. In all cases, we concentrate on the commercial, IP- and legal aspects of the contracts and make sure we are fully compliant with the policies of the respective IXA partner. Please note that IXA is not involved in the scientific and organisational details of a project. 

License intellectual property

When the invention or innovation offers added value to the activities of other organisations, it might be worthwhile to explore the possibilities of a license. IXA can scout for a candidate and prepare the pitch with the researcher. And of course, once negotiations start, IXA is right by your side.

Research Grants

Each institute, AUMC, UvA-HvA and VU, has its own Research Funding team. They support the applications for research grants to help increasing the chances for success. You can find the link to their here. The individual sites provide an overview of funding providers, their ways of operating and with links to funding sites. The information is grouped in National Funding, European Funding in Horizon 2020, other European Funding, International Funding, Fellowships and awards.


IXA hosts a number of courses and workshops that assist researchers in exploring the valorisation process and specific topics related to that. For example, an introduction to valorisation, a workshop on intellectual property or a hands-on course on the path from idea to market.