Research Collaboration

Deploying the power of research to ensure benefits for society in whatever form is always a collaborative effort. IXA strongly encourages research collaborations between academic groups, companies, health care professionals, government bodies, societal organisations, educational institutions – whatever is needed to create the desired impact for society.

Fruitful collaborations require an environment where open discussions and exchange of information is safeguarded by a framework that respects the interests of all parties involved, while allowing the flexibility that is needed to change directions or benefit from new opportunities along the way.

Research collaborations are initiated to explore new grounds and generate new knowledge by pooling expertise and facilities of the different partners in the project. It goes without saying that proper arrangements regarding ownership and control of research results as well as rights to exploitation and publication should be in place beforehand. IXA has extensive experience in handling all legal, and financial aspects concerning research collaborations. Our approach is always aimed at enabling partnerships that really offer added value for all participants.