An idea, innovation or invention

Whenever an idea, innovation or (the possibility of) an invention pops up, the first thing to do is talk to the business developers at IXA. Even if the idea, innovation or invention is still premature or vague and very much 'under construction'; the sooner we hear about it, the better we can assist you in deciding on the next steps. In case protection of the idea/innovation/invention is desired, it is essential to contact IXA at an early stage to learn about the requirements relating to publication or presentation of research data and results.

An intake at IXA

What those next steps entail depends strongly on the nature and the developmental stage of the idea/innovation/invention. Together with a business developer at IXA, you will assess your idea/invention from many perspectives to ensure a thorough review of the opportunities and potential pitfalls. Our business developers are broadly oriented and experienced, but each of them is specialized in a certain scientific field: alpha, beta, gamma or life sciences. Examples of questions we will probably put forward and try to figure out together include: 

  1. Is a practical application possible? If so, in what areas/sectors?
  2. Is there a current problem that this idea/innovation/invention could address?
  3. Are there similar products/services/applications already available? If so, what makes this idea/invention stand out or why is it different from the others?
  4. Is there an existing market or audience/public?
  5. Is the idea/invention truly inventive or innovative, meaning that it is not obvious to others who are specialized in this particular research or technology field?
  6. What could be potential revenues (commercial and/or societal)?
  7. Are external parties already aware of and perhaps interested in this idea/innovation/invention? Is there additional research needed to bring the idea/innovation/invention further?
  8. Can and/or should the idea/innovation/invention be protected?
  9. What would be your preferred role in the valorisation process? 

The outcomes of the first intake determine what needs to be done next. The process depends completely on (stage of) the idea/invention and the assessment of its potential for success. It could be that you and the business developer decide to initiate a thorough market review or a technical or commercial feasibility study is needed. It could be that the next step is to start discussion with potential partners or interviews with (potential) customers or a study of the patent literature, the development of a prototype or test version are in order.