Legal advice

Whenever you expect that formal arrangements - in whatever form - will become relevant with respect to (the results of) research activities, please involve IXA at the earliest stage possible so that we can ensure that proper arrangements are made in time and avoid obstacles later on in the process. Important issues are of course the researcher's right to publish and fair clauses on intellectual property rights.

The legal counsels  offers assistance with respect to the drafting and negotiating of contracts that are related to research, as well as the protection and exploitation of know-how and intellectual property rights (‘IPR’) which may be the result of research.
In close collaboration with IXA’s business developers, the legal counsels provide their expertise on the following contracts and areas:
Research Collaboration and Contract Research
Consortium Agreements
Material Transfer Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
License Agreements and Joint Ownership Agreements
Contracts related to spin-off companies      
• Contracts with IP clauses
• Patents and other intellectual property

General information on concluding contracts

A contract is an agreement between two (or more) parties, regardless of its form. An e-mail correspondence can qualify as a binding contract, as long as an ‘offer’ made by one party is ‘accepted’ by the other party.

As a general guideline, the following subjects should be included in each contract:
• Main obligation of Parties (milestones and timing);
• Financials;
• Intellectual Property Rights;
• Liability;
• Confidentiality;
• Warranties;
• Publication and Research Rights;
• Term and early Termination;
• Choice of Law.

IXA has developed a number of contract templates, which can be the basis  to draft a contract. Of course, IXA assists in customized agreements as well. Whatever is needed for your particular project or partnership.

If specialized expertise is required, for example assistance from a notary or tax advisor, IXA has a network available to provide you with such knowledge and/or assistance.

Please contact legal department if you require legal advice.
The processing time for assessing or drawing up contracts takes approximately two / three weeks.