IP/Valorisation Regulations

The IP regulations of each Institution describe the rules pertaining to knowledge valorisation. Rules with respect to protection and commercialization of knowledge and intellectual property rights. If research results in an idea/invention or some other form of commercially exploitable knowledge it must be reported to IXA. Then IXA can evaluate and decide whether to protect it through, for example, a patent filing. Subsequently the knowledge can be exploited, for instance through out-licensing to the commercial sector or by starting a spin-off company.

The IP regulations also provide clarity over the rights of the various relevant parties/stakeholders to the knowledge/invention and the potential future revenue resulting from it. In addition, the policy and rules for participation in a spin-off company are described in the IP Regulations.

In general the net income from exploitation of IP rights is divided as follows:
• 1/3 share: the inventor/ participant(s)
• 1/3 share: faculty(s)/Division(s)
• 1/3 share patent fund/ central budget

The ultimate goal of the IP Regulation is to valorise knowledge coming out of the University or Medical Centre by making it available for society through products and services. In this process of knowledge valorisation IXA can provide guidance.

Please read more about the IP regulations of each institution in the files below:

  1. The UvA Valorisation Regulation
  2. The VU & VUmc IP regulations / Kennis, Intellectueel Eigendom en Participatie VU en VUmc
  3. The AMC Remuneration and Incentive System