What we do

IXA is a network, servicedesk and liaison, all in one.

We offer researchers the expertise of grant advisers, business developers and legal experts to help determine a valorisation/ impact strategy. We assist in setting up collaborations with third parties and/or starting new ventures, while managing intellectual property and other legal and financial support. For researchers to develop their skills on valorisation and entrepreneurship, IXA organises workshops, courses and masterclasses on a regular basis. Go to For researchers for more information or have a look at our Workshops & Events page.

For companies, non-profits, governments, health care and educational institutions, etc., we provide a gateway to research expertise, high-tech facilities and research infrastructure, contract research, collaboration and investment opportunities. Go to For companies/non-profits to find out more.

Next to offering a wide range of services, we closely cooperate with other parties within the Amsterdam innovation landscape. When opportunities arise, IXA takes the lead in developing programs and activities to further stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in research and education.