What we do

IXA assists researchers in creating value from their knowledge and expertise. We help them to cooperate with third parties, assist them in intellectual property management, offer support  in starting new ventures and activities, and provide legal support. IXA also manages financial instruments to aid further development of their ideas and ventures.
In addition the IXA UvA and IXA HvA teams supports UvA, HvA, AHK and KNAW HuC staff seeking for research funding or when applying for research grants with the expertise of the Grant Support Team. The deployment of their expertise increases the chance of success.

Looking for guidance to explore available knowledge and research expertise?

IXA assists external parties such as companies, governments and interest groups in navigating the research landscape to find a solution or spot an opportunity. IXA provides the gateway to the research expertise and facilities of the Amsterdam universities – as an expertise centre, helpdesk and liaison, all in one. All to the benefit of the entrepreneurial climate in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

Next to offering a wide range of services of our business developers and advisors, we also closely cooperate with other parties in the Amsterdam innovation landscape. When opportunities arise, IXA takes the lead in developing programs and activities to further stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in research and education.

For researchers

IXA can operate and assist in various roles. We can actively participate in the negotiations on research collaborations or licensing agreements with industry or other public research organisations. Setting up consortium agreements and contracts dealing with access to or transfer of intellectual property rights is another important service, as is drafting patent applications and advising on the best approach towards protecting intellectual property. We can assist in finding and securing subsidies and other forms of financial support. And foremost, we can help you to identify the best valorisation strategy for your particular idea, discovery, invention, technology, material or insight.