Find collaboration and licensing opportunities

The Amsterdam universities and academic hospitals have a multitude of collaboration, licensing and investment opportunities available. Select an opportunity below and read more about the topics and possibilities in the factsheets.

The Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging

The Amsterdam imaging core that offers access to both conventional (3 Tesla) and ultra- high field (7 Tesla) MRI facilities for fundamental and clinical research into the workings of the brain and brain disorders. Click here to download the brochure (PDF, 131kb) For more information contact:

The Netherlands Brain Bank, a biobank for translational neuroscience

Drug target discovery in neuroscience is increasingly relying on human samples to generate meaningful data that translates into actionable strategies. Open access to well-characterized brain tissue of high quality is crucial to obtain these insights and is the goal of the Netherlands Brain Bank. Click here to download the information sheet on this collaboration opportunity […]

HepaRG-CAR: a new human liver cell line

HepaRG cells outperform all other proliferative sources of human hepatocytes in liver functions. Now we modified the HepaRG cell line by stable lentiviral overexpression of the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR), a regulator of e.g. detoxification and energy metabolism, which has the following advantages: High liver functionality & increased mitochondrial energy metabolism in monolayer, particularly in […]

Fall army worm pest control

The team of prof. Astrid Groot from the UvA Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) are looking for a financial sponsor which can help close the funding gap or a organization who is interested in a partnership. Aim is for finding a sustainable control strategy to address to the fall army worm pest in […]

Abuse Potential Evaluation with Pharmaco-MRI

A means of assessing abuse liability of experimental drugs in man using MRI methods and evaluating and mitigating abuse risk of novel Mechanisms-of-Action. Assessment of abuse potential of experimental drugs that engage with novel Mechanisms of Action is required as part of their development. The FDA strongly encourages industry to pay more attention to the […]