Fall army worm pest control

The team of prof. Astrid Groot from the UvA Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) are looking for a financial sponsor which can help close the funding gap or a organization who is interested in a partnership. Aim is for finding a sustainable control strategy to address to the fall army worm pest in Africa. Using sex pheromones the insects will be lured into a trap, where the will be infected by a highly selected virus. Prof Astrid Groot from IBED proposes this large project together with two colleagues from Wageningen University. Essential part of the project is also to establish a local network with field stations, local farmers, and industry to successfully implement this method.

  • Sustainable control strategy to attract-and-infect the worm
  • African – European network of researchers and local farmers
  • Tailored deployment of insect traps