Invitation: launch new entrepreneurship teaching case “Predator”

Inspire your students with a new Amsterdam entrepreneurship case

26 January - 2021
16:00 - 17:00

It is with pleasure that we invite you for the online launch and interactive demonstration of the new entrepreneurship teaching case about Predator on Tuesday 26 January from 16:00-17:00 hr.

The Predator case was written by Jorge Labadie (Strategy Director at 37°Celsius brand consultancy and affiliate faculty member at the Amsterdam Business School) and Ileen Bouw (Brand Consultant at 37°Celsius). The case focuses on the following topics: Startup branding, positioning, brand orientation, retail.

To bring entrepreneurship education to a higher level, we are developing case studies about inspiring entrepreneurs. Each case features a successful company  from the Amsterdam region. The cases can be used at any level and are especially suitable for late Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses, and for executive education. The cases consist of a written case and an introduction video. Teaching notes are available upon request and for teachers only. For more information about the Entrepreneurship cases and other inspiring cases, visit the website of Entrepreneurship Cases.

About the Predator case
Amsterdam start-up Predator is founded by sisters Natasha and Bianca de Jong. In search of healthy beverages, the only options they found, were water and tea. Hence, they decided to go on a quest for a healthy drink. This led to the market introduction of Predator: an endurance drink that consists of natural herbal energizers, instead of caffeine or sugar, to increase energy levels. As a social enterprise, Predator also donates 1 cent of every sale to the Predator Protection Plan: a plan to protect the endangered species in Africa.

Program Tuesday 26 January from 16:00-17:00 (via Zoom)
16:00 – Opening and welcome by Joris Ebbers
16:05 – Introduction Demonstration Case ‘Predator’ by Jorge Labadie
16:15 – Interactive demonstration with the founders of the Case ‘Predator’
16:45 – Concluding and discussion how these cases can be used in your teaching programs
17:00 – Closure