Pre-Hacking Health Amsterdam 2020

23 Jan '20

The second edition of Dutch Hacking Health Amsterdam (HHA) will take place in 2020 from April 2nd to April 4th. A Hackathon in which unusual teams – from healthcare professional to programmer or from EPD specialist to designer – will work on solutions for improving care and health in Amsterdam and its surroundings. At the center of this project are citizens and their health, as opposed to patients and their disease.

Amsterdam UMC and research institute Amsterdam Public Health are partners of HHA. On the 23rd of January, they will organize a meeting regarding HHA 2020 on both locations (AMC and VU/VUmc) to inform and enthuse people.
The meeting prior to HHA is for everyone who is curious about the Hackathon and is also without obligation to attend the Hackathon. You can decide later whether you wish to participate in HHA or not. Take the chance to be informed and inspired, but we would also like to hear from you what the current developments are and what you find really important in care and wellbeing. What would you like to see improved/changed/solved to become healthier and/or happier or to improve healthcare?


  • Introduction by Esther Gervers, projectleader HHA
  • Winner of HHA2019 Eline Heppe will tell about her experience with HHA
  • Workshop “CONTEXT MATTERS” by Femke van Nassau to identify key stakeholders and their believes to develop tailored solutions. During the workshop we will explore different, by the participants (you) suggested, problems which stakeholders in the broad context play a role in it, what their considerations are, and how you then convert them into solutions.
  • Please register here>>

When and where?

January 23rd, 2020
14:00-15:30, location VU/VUmc, Vrije Universiteit, W&N-building, 6th floor, S-623
15:30-17:00, location AMC, exact location to be announced

23 January - 2020

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