Workshop: Entrepreneurship in science

25 May - 2023
08:55 - 10:30

For researchers eager to explore entrepreneurship and want to know more about the facilities university offers

Are you curious about what entrepreneurship in science exactly entails? Dreaming about your own company, what this can mean for your development and how the university facilitates entrepreneurship? What steps are involved and what should you take into account?

In this workshop, participants receive an introduction in entrepreneurship with practical examples. You will get insights in entrepreneurship within the university, which facilities and support the university offers in the route towards entrepreneurship and you will learn which steps will bring you closer to your own company. During this workshop, there will be enough time to ask questions.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is the relation between you, your idea and your future customer?
  • How do you start your own company with research-based ideas and results?
  • Business Model Development
  • Funding & grant options
  • Facilities of the university that supports entrepreneurship

Who benefits from this workshop?
Researchers and PhD’s who are exploring the possibilities of entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge and seek collaborations (Public-Private partnerships).

Location: VU Campus, NU building, De Boelelaan 1111, room 02A25 (Map of VU campus). You will receive an Outlook invitation with the exact location at VU Campus.

Participation is free of charge. Registration is required, so is cancellation if you are not able to attend.

About the workshops
IXA’s workshops cover various valorisation related topics, a.k.a. sharing knowledge and thus creating impact in society. The workshops aims to support exploring the possibilities of valorisation activities, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. To get participants started right away the workshops are highly interactive, information dense, and practical: you can use it immediately.

The workshops are open to researchers, PhD’s and employees supporting knowledge dissemination from the universities served by IXA and for colleagues from the NWO Institutes