Collaboration in research

The Amsterdam universities strongly encourage research collaborations. Deploying the power of research to ensure benefits for society in whatever form is always a collaborative effort.

In research collaborations with Amsterdam researchers, by pooling expertise and facilities, you can explore new grounds, generate new insight and strengthen your innovative power. The IXA business developers are more than happy to help you find the right relevant researchers and facilitate fruitful interactions. Whether you’re interested in sponsoring a research project, setting up a strategic alliance, or accessing laboratory facilities, we can help you launch a successful collaboration.

We are aware that fruitful collaboration requires an environment where open discussions and exchange of information is safeguarded by a framework that respects the interests of all parties involved. It goes without saying that proper arrangements have to be made regarding ownership of research results, as well as rights to exploitation and publication. IXA has extensive experience in handling all legal and financial aspects concerning research collaborations. Our approach is to enable partnerships that offer truly added value for all participants.