Contract research

Contracting research by researchers is a specific manner of benefiting from academic research, knowledge and facilities. The Amsterdam research landscape offers a broad range of knowledge and expertise that can be mobilized. Think for instance of:

  • specific laboratory experiments
  • production of (small quantities) of specific compounds or materials (contract manufacturing)
  • access to advanced equipment, lab facilities, databases or rare collections and archives
  • further development and/ or validation of methodologies

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In contract research and contract manufacturing, you define together with the researcher what is to be expected in terms of output (data, materials, inventories, reports etc.) and standards (quality standards etc.). Together with our researchers you discuss which joined efforts are needed to deliver the required outcomes and to what fee the work will be performed.

Legal arrangements

At IXA we can take care of the legal arrangements of the cooperation and can draft the research contracts in which rights on intellectual property and ownership on application are described. Of course, these contracts will be tuned to the particular nature of the activities and the needs and interests of the parties involved.