Outsource Research

There are many good reasons for your organisation to completely or partially outsource research on a contract basis, i.e., contract research. Collaborating with the Amsterdam research landscape not only saves time and reduces costs, your company will also benefit enormously by gaining access to specialised knowledge or expertise, and cutting-edge facilities. For instance:

  • laboratory experiments
  • production of (small quantities) of specific compounds or materials (contract manufacturing)
  • access to high-tech facilities such as lab facilities, advanced equipment, databases or rare collections and archives
  • further development and/or validation of methodologies

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Good agreements and legal contracts

Successful collaborations start with good agreements. In contract research and contract manufacturing, you determine together with the researcher what is to be expected in terms of output (data, materials, inventories, reports etc.) and standards (quality standards etc.). Besides discussing which joint efforts are needed to deliver the required outcomes, financial and legal matters have to be tackled, such as fees, intellectual property rights and ownership on application.

IXA’s legal experts and business developers provide support and advice in the negotiations and in drafting public-private partnership contracts. These contracts will be fine-tuned to the particular nature of the activities and the needs and interests of the parties involved.