For researchers

Do you have an idea – based upon your research – that could benefit people, companies, other organisations or society as a whole? 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even in the early stages when your thoughts and plans are not yet concrete. Often, an unlikely concept opens up new avenues. Your colleagues at IXA can help you identify the best valorisation strategy to further advance your particular idea, invention, innovation, product, service, technology or (educational) material. 

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Your roadmap to IXA and the valorisation of your research

Our main focus is on your research and odriving you forward in creating value or impact from your work. Your colleagues at IXA are here to guide you every step of the way. Since we are an integral part of the Amsterdam universities’ infrastructure, our services, facilities and expertise are free of charge.
The best approach to involving IXA depends largely on the idea itself and its stage of development. This may give you some direction:

Did you make an exciting discovery? Gain knowledge and insights that could benefit society? Develop a concept or courses that may be relevant to companies, non-profits, governments, educational or healthcare institutes?
To further investigate and advance the potential of your idea, start by reading Develop your idea and contact our business developers. 

Somewhat hesitant to disclose your idea to the world?
Rightfully so. Before introducing your idea or innovation into the public domain, or even publishing any details, make sure you understand the basics regarding intellectual property (IP), patents and trademarks. Go to Protect your knowledge and ask our legal counsels for advice.

Feeling entrepreneurial and thinking about venturing out on your own?
IXA can help with your business plan and preparing the launch of your spin-off company. Read all about it iStart a company and get in touch with our business development team

Looking to collaborate in research? Haa company or non-profit organisation approached you? Do you have research tools or utilities that are of interest to third parties?
With our expertise, resources and effective business networks, IXA will help you find a suitable partner, facilitate the matchmaking process, and participate in the negotiations on research collaborations or licensing agreements. Read Collaborate with third parties and contact our business developers. 

Getting headaches from trying to work your way through the forest of legal rules and regulations?
Don’t worry. Whether you choose to collaborate with a partner or begin your own start-up, IXA can assist you throughout the entire process – setting up contracts, intellectual property rights, patent applications, confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements. Check out Arrange legal affairs and get in touch with our legal counsels. 

Not sure how or where to look for the proper funds?
You can rely on IXA to secure funding for your entrepreneurial undertaking or successfully apply for research grants. Read all about it iFind funding or contact our grant advisors. 

Need to advance your skills and know-how regarding all aspects of valorisation, working effectively with businesses, obecoming an entrepreneur?
IXA offers free workshops, courses and masterclasses for researchers, departments and faculties. Go to our Workshops & Events page and register. 

Simply tap into our network and services and start today by exchanging ideas about valorisation opportunities. 

IXA services available to students 

We offer some of our services and facilities to master’s students who – as part of their studies – would like to learn more about entrepreneurship and investigate opportunitiesThus, if you have come up with an idea for a product or service, or a new technology or application, don’t just speak to your professor, but also reach out to IXA. Student start-ups can get access to our incubator facilities: Amsterdam Venture Studios and Demonstrator LabYou can find out more on this in the Start a company section. HvA Bachelor students have access to the 10k Pre incubator program. Which offers coaching and guidance in developing innovative and/ or sustainable ideas into a start-up during a 20 week program. Please also visit the website of our affiliated partner ASIF Ventureswhich supports student and recent graduate start-ups from the get-go.