For researchers

Do you have an idea that could benefit people, companies, other organizations or society as a whole? Your colleagues at IXA help you identify the best valorisation strategy for your particular idea, invention, product, service,  technology or material.

Please contact IXA when:

  • You have developed knowledge and insights that can benefit society
  • You made a discovery or developed a concept that might be relevant to companies or organisations;
  • A company or non-profit organisation wants to work with you and approached you;
  • You are looking for research funding
  • There is interest to hire you for your knowledge or expertise;
  • You have research tools or utilities that are of interest to third parties;
  • You are developing post-academic courses and need advice on how to bring this further;
  • You want to start a business; or
  • You want to exchange ideas about your valorisation opportunities.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, even when your ideas are not that concrete yet. Often a most unlikely idea opens up new avenues for valorisation. Together we will start the process of exploring the potential of your research results. The IXA experts provide support free of charge.

Your colleagues at IXA are here to assist you at every step of the way. Please explore the possibilities on this website!