Collaborate with third parties

One aspect is sticking out when looking for common denominators in successful knowledge valorisation: collaboration and co-creation. Turning a scientific result into a practical application in whatever form is never a one-person or even a one-group effort. IXA can support you right from the start with finding the right partners, negotiating agreements and taking care of the formalities.

Finding partners

The IXA business developers can assist you in looking for partners with the expertise, skills and facilities that suit your needs. Your own contacts are a good starting point, which we complement with our broad network in the public and private sectors. Think of other academic research groups, companies, SMEs, NGOs, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, hospitals, government agencies and so forth. In particular noteworthy in this respect is that research results increasingly give rise to software. IXA has developed a checklist and flowchart for collaborating with software developers.

Negotiating an agreement

Negotiating an agreement that suits the interests of all parties involved can be challenging. Especially when commercial parties are involved, it is key to thoroughly prepare for discussions and negotiations. IXA gladly takes place at the table to assist you during the negotiations. This way, we can ensure that the interests of all parties involved are respected.

IXA’s negotiation support encompasses all type of agreements you may encounter as an entrepreneurial researcher. Find an overview of agreements on the Legal Matters page.

The formalities

Once dialogue with a third party has started, IXA can help you to deal with the formal aspects of closing collaboration agreements. We make sure the financial, IP- and other legal aspects of the contract are fully compliant with the policies and guidelines of your institution. Go to our Legal Matters page to read more about this process.