Develop your skills

When bringing your idea to society you might discover that you have to improve certain skills. That’s why IXA organises a number of courses, workshops, seminars and much more. These enable researchers to explore the valorisation process, develop their proficiency in specific valorisation topics, and get to grips with entrepreneurship. The listing below gives an impression; please check our events for any activities in the near future.

  • Workshops and courses for researchers on all aspects of valorization
    An example are the breakfast workshops where a variety of topics is discussed.
  • Workshops and courses for researcher in working effectively with businesses
    For example the interactive patent workshops regarding patents, IP, collaborating with industry and much more.
  • Custom made workshops for departments or faculties
  • Workshops, courses and masterclasses in entrepreneurship
    An example is the ‘Venturing with’ monthly talk show where entrepreneurs share their stories about setting up their own business.

Our partner ACE also offers dedicated programs

  • Get inspired
    For everybody who is curious about entrepreneurship and wants to know what it takes to start your own company, ACE offers this two day program to learn the basics of venture creation.
  • Ready to Start
    For early-stage start-ups and innovators with a great business idea. ACE helps them to build their start-up with 12 weeks of training and support by leading mentors and business coaches.
  • Ready to Scale
    Unique, hands-on program designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs with an ambition to grow.

LUMICKS and AstraZeneca form the first ever Center of Excellence for Dynamic Single-Molecule Analysis to Accelerated Drug Discovery at Cambridge University

Scientists are now able to view live molecular interactions as they would occur in the body, thanks to a unique partnership between AstraZeneca, LUMICKS and the University of Cambridge. The world’s first centre for dynamic single-molecule analysis has been established at the university’s Department of Biochemistry on Tennis Court Road to help accelerate drug discovery. […]


New collaboration between Amsterdam universities to support starters

A new collaboration between the Amsterdam universities has been set up to support students and researchers wanting to start their own business. On December 17, UvA, VU, HvA, and Amsterdam UMC signed a stakeholder agreement with university incubator ACE to collectively support spin-off companies. ACE supported over 150 startups from Amsterdam universities in the past […]


VU onderzoeker ontvangt €50.000 voor ontwikkelen vriendschapscursus voor eenzame ouderen

VU onderzoeker Tamara Bouwman heeft donderdag 7 maart na een intensieve publiekscampagne voor de Medische Inspirator Prijs de tweede prijs van €50.000 ontvangen voor haar project ‘De online Vriendschapscursus’. Met de prijs gaat Bouwman in samenwerking met cliëntvertegenwoordiger Liesbeth Gaasbeek van de Gouden Dagen de online vriendschapscursus verder ontwikkelen. Uiteindelijk hopen ze de cursus daarmee […]