Many researchers have already preceded you. Would you like to learn from them how they took the first steps in their impact journey? Watch the videos or read the blogs of a number of researchers and learn how they started, what they encountered, what their next steps were or how they obtained funding.

The impact story of Amsterdam UMC researchers Rogier Sanders en Godelieve de Bree: watch their video about designing a vaccine against HIV.

The impact story of VU researcher Melvyn Roerdink: watch the video of Melvyn Roerding about improving Parkinsonian gait with augmented reality

The Impact journey of HvA spin-off Hipper Therapeutics: Watch the video: Eerder naar huis en in de eigen omgeving revalideren

The Impact journey of researcher Laura Rupp: Watch the video of Laura Rupp about VU Global English Centre for better understanding and more inclusve education

The Impact story of researcher Maaike van Rest: Watch the video of Maaike van Rest about Sociale Informatie verwerking Test voor kinderen met licht verstandelijke beperking

The Entrepreneurial journey of Imran Avci: read the blog of Imran Avci: from research to founder of start-up Rapid Photonics