Academic Proof of Concept Fund Amsterdam

Funding for a feasibility study

Do you have an innovation or invention that needs further development, but its practical feasibility and/or the (commercial) exploitation opportunities are still uncertain?

Then you may be eligible for funding from the Academic Proof of Concept Fund Amsterdam (APCA)!

Feasibility Study

In order to attract the significant investment required for the development of knowledge, an innovative idea or invention into a marketable product, it is often necessary to demonstrate the feasibility and/or market opportunities first, by means of a so-called Proof of Concept (PoC) study.

In a PoC study the conceptual, social, technical and/or economic feasibility is determined. For example, by addressing one of the following questions:

  1. Can an experimental setup be scaled up to a full production line?
  2. The compound works in a test tube, but does it also work in an animal model?
  3. The experiment has been successful once, but can it also be reliably reproduced?
  4. A mobile app is much appreciated by some participants as a demo, but what happens if used by laymen on a larger scale?

The PoC study can also be used for targeted identification of potential business partners or a specific market research. It only makes sense to develop the idea or invention further, when the feasibility is sufficiently assured.

How does the APCA loan work?

An application to the APCA fund may not exceed € 45,000, of which 50% is a loan and 50% needs to be matched (cash or in kind) by the applicant. At least 75% of the cost of the POC study should then be spent at one of the affiliated Amsterdam knowledge institutes to examine the feasibility. The contribution from the Fund is a loan with soft conditions.

Also for companies

This facility is available to employees of AMC, HvA, UvA, VU, VUmc and NKI for studies conducted by the research institutions, but also for companies the APCA Fund may be an interesting option to validate a premature idea that normally would remain ‘on the shelf’, using the high quality academic knowledge and research infrastructure of the affiliated Amsterdam knowledge institutes. Companies need to match at least half of their contribution in cash, because of the requirement to spend at least 75% of APCA financing at one of the affiliated knowledge institutions in Amsterdam.

Read more about the first APCA grants IXA has awarded to two AMC projects “Applying histatin 1 to improve integration of dental implants” by Jan Stap and Irene van Dijk and “Identification of compounds that interfere with protein aggregation in Huntington’s Disease” by Eric Reits.

Earlier granted PoC studies were among others to Jeroen Pronk of Faculty of Behavioral and Movement Sciences of VU for the Pestplotter which is now ready to be implemented into the school.