IXA UvA Informatics Feasibility Fund

Do you have an idea or invention that could do with further development. Finance a feasibility and/or commercial study for your concept or invention with the new IXA Informatics Feasibility Fund.

What is the IXA Informatics Feasibility Fund?

A type of funding which offers researchers and students from the Institute of Informatics UvA an opportunity to carry out technical and/or commercial feasibility studies on their concepts, inventions or ideas. IXA UvA HvA manages the Informatics Feasibility Fund. The conditions under which the funding can be provided are briefly summarized below. IXA provides this Fund for a period of 3 years.

Who is eligible?

The funding can be provided to researchers and students, from the Institute for Informatics of the UvA.

Funding types

  1. For researchers: funds up to 70K euro.
  2. For students: five funds of max 5K euro for a 10 month period of € 500,00 p/m student salary.

Conditions for Feasibility Funding

  1. The idea is promising and expected to be both technical and commercial
  2. The initiator or team looks capable
  3. Commitment of the manager of the Institute for Informatics
  4. The available (or remaining) budget is sufficient to grant the requested funding as administered by IXA. Total budget 2018: 150K euro

Application, assessment, and management procedures for funding

  1. Download and fill in the Application Form and Conditions and Agreement. Mail it to our office kennistransfer@uva.nl
  2. IXA will help applicants to complete the application form.
  3. Applicants will be invited for a Pitch presentation in front of an IXA Expert panel. The expert panel assesses the application and the associated business case. This involves an examination of criteria such as technological feasibility, commercial potential, business model
  4. Approved applications will be contracted by IXA. The fund will be made available by IXA by providing the department of the applicant a WBS number.  The project can be started.
  5. The applicant reports the result of the project to IXA

Exploitation of the results
The results of the project will be licensed to the applicant’s start-up initiative for exploitation purposes. This funding facility is a soft loan with a revolving character in case of successful exploitation of the results.