IXAnext Physics2Market Grant

For physics related projects, up to 10-35k€

With this grant IXA stimulates the receiver to validate physics related research towards exploitation in cooperation with an industrial partner. The Physics2Market grant is meant for situations in which companies are hesitant to invest but need further confirmation that a science-based concept can become reality before they agree on cooperating. The primary criteria are:

  • There is a true demand for a concrete step, the proposal has a specific start and end point.
  • The requested funding can bring the cooperation with already identified partners, a step closer.

Who is eligible?

Researchers (permanent staff, incl. tenure track) of the IXA partner organizations: HvA, UvA, VU, Amolf and Nikhef.

Conditions for funding

  • Speed is important; funding for projects not completed and reported within one month after their projected duration will be discontinued (unless specifically motivated).
  • There should be enough human resources to start immediately after approval.
  • The available budget at the time of application should be able to accommodate the requested grant.
  • The researchers need to report the results in a brief report (1-3 pages), justifying their hours, costs and describing how the grant has contributed to bringing their plan closer to a follow-up project with a private partner (in relation to the plan laid down in the project proposal).

Available budget

The budget per project is 10 to 35k€. This can be spent on personnel costs, consumables and small, well-motivated investments.

Application, assessment and management procedures for funding

  • Download the application form. There is no deadline; application is possible continuously for the duration of the IXAnext program.
  • The application form is to be completed together with a business developer at IXA and should be submitted to IXAnext Project Manager Dr. Joost van Mameren, through info@ixa.nl. Applications will be reviewed by at least one independent expert.
  • IXA is not responsible if the maximum awarded budget is exceeded. All costs incurred above this amount will be met by the Initiator or the department.
  • The fund will be made available via the employer of the applicant (one of the of the IXAnext partner organizations: HvA, UvA, VU, AMOLF, Nikhef). The applicant receives a dedicated project number from the project control department of the applicant’s employer for declaration of hours and costs. The project can start thereafter.
  • The project control department of the applicant’s employer will submit the costs of the Physics2Market Grant to the main applicant (IXA UvA).
  • Payment shall be made only if all costs are justified via time sheets (according to the requirements of the EFRO), actual paid costs etc. After the termination of the IXAnext project (end date: 30 September 2021) no costs will be reimbursed.
  • At the end of the project a reporting form should be filled-in and send to the business developer.