Amsterdam UMC TKI-PPP Grant

We are very happy to announce that the call for Amsterdam UMC TKI-PPP grants is now open. Also this year the grant amounts available to both AMC and VUmc will be combined, creating a budget of approximately € 7-8 million that will be divided over the best PPP-research proposals that we hope to receive from you.

Webinar September 29, 2021

On September 29 a webinar was hosted by IXA to explain more in detail what the grant is about, what the requirements are and what the timeline and process entails. The webinar recording can be found below. The presentation can be downloaded here (PDF, 1,2MB).

General information

For those of you who are unfamiliar with TKI grants and PPP-proposals, please click here to download the TKI-PPP flyer (in which we also explain all abbreviations), the grant procedure and how proposals will be evaluated is depicted.


Those of you who have a proposal in mind and a private partner to collaborate with are invited to prepare and send in a pre-application using the form and budget sheet below no later than the deadline of November 19, 14.00h. In addition, a Letter of Intent from each private partner is required at this stage (see template below).

The Consortium Agreement (also below) comes in slightly different variants, depending on the number of industrial and/or academic partners. For now we have only attached a 1-on-1 version. Please provide your industrial partner(s) with this draft Consortium Agreement at an early stage, allowing your partner(s) to get acquainted with the conditions that they will need to accept once your joint application is awarded.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!


Necessary documents for your application:

1. Pre-application form

2. Budget form

3. Template Consortium agreement

4. Template Letter of Intent

5. General information brochure on TKI Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this ppt be shared and the presentation recorded?

    Yes, you can find the presentation and the recording above.
  • One abbreviation from flyer not mentioned: "SME" (private party?)

    SME = small and medium enterprise, i.e. a private party indeed.
  • How many projects are you planning to support?

    The last two years we had 50-60 pre-applications of which about 50% went on to the final round. In the end 16-19 projects were awarded.
  • So do I understand AUMC researchers cannot apply directly to the match call, as we divide the subsidy ourselves internally?

    Very relevant question. Please note that it is not possible for Amsterdam UMC researchers to apply in the HH Match Call as we are distributing the subsidy available to AMC and VUmc.
  • How do we include the IXA business developers? In planning or among the consortium?

    Very early on. Is obligatory.
  • Is the a jury preference for type of research submitted? (points for Fundamental / Industrial / Experimental)

  • Can we involve international partners? and are there any restrictions based on the countries?

    Yes, there are no restrictions regarding the involvement of international partners. NB industrial parties cannot receive PPP allowance, academic parties only up to 25% of the total PPP allowance.
  • Are we allowed to include research groups form other UMC's as well? For instance from UMC Utrecht

    Yes. NB They can only receive up to 25% of the total PPP allowance (75% should be spent at Amsterdam UMC).
  • Is there a list with previously approved projects?
  • Final Remarks

    The in cash contribution can really make the difference!
    All documentation can be foud on this page (above)
    In the pre-application form question 11 seem to be missing. Please disregard this mistake and use the form anyway.