Arrange your Legal affairs

At some point in collaborations, formal arrangements – in whatever form – will become relevant. Please involve your IXA office at the earliest stage possible to assist you with this. Legal counsels of your institute have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts. Do you have a request from industry regarding the use of your research results? At IXA we are committed to negotiating a fair deal.

Please contact  legal counsels for advice on the following:

  • Confidentiality Agreements
    Enable open discussions while protecting the rights of each partner. Also referred to as non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or confidential disclosure agreements (CDA).
  • Research Collaboration and Contract Research
    E.g., draft agreements on matching funds, intellectual property, and exploitation rights.
  • Consortium Agreements
    Set the rules between consortium partners receiving European and Dutch grants.
  • Material Transfer Agreements
    Agree on the use of ‘materials’ such as cell lines, antibodies, model systems (plants/animals), databases or other items (for researchers of VU).
  • License Agreements and Joint Ownership Agreements
    Cover the rights of third parties or spin-off companies to use certain know-how or intellectual property rights.
  • Contracts related to spin-off companies
    From a declaration of intent to shareholders agreements.