Confidentiality agreements

Open discussions are key to any successful collaboration. To protect the rights of each partner, it is strongly advised to sign a confidentiality agreement before the discussions start. Then information can be exchanged freely to determine whether a formal collaboration is indeed possible and useful. If this is the case, the next step is to draw up a collaboration agreement.

Confidentiality agreements are also referred to as non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or confidential disclosure agreements (CDA).

CDA templates VU and VUmc

Standardized templates for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center can be found here.

These templates have been approved by IXA. If changes to the contents of the agreements are needed, IXA needs to be involved, otherwise just fill in the required fields and have the agreement signed by your department/faculty manager.

If you have questions regarding these templates, please contact IXA on or +31 20 59 89 905