Material Transfer agreements

Whenever ‘materials’, such as cell lines, anti-bodies, model systems (plants/animals), databases or other substances, are transferred from one institution or company to another, arrangements on the use of such materials should be covered in a material transfer agreement (MTA) .

The materials should only be used for the purpose the materials were released for. Furthermore, the materials are and continue to be the property of the party providing them. They may not be given to other parties without the consent of the providing party. As a general rule, the party providing the materials also provides a contract template to the second party.

MTA process for IXA VU
To properly asses an MTA request, IXA requires you to fill out an intake form. This form contains all relevant information for the legal department to develop/review the agreement. If you have received an MTA from an external party, please include the draft MTA together with IXA’s intake form.

For non-biobank MTA’s, please download and fill in the appropriate intake form and send with the received MTA (if applicable) to IXA.

  1. If you have received an MTA from the other party and if the materials will be sent by the other party to VU, download and fill in the “MTA IN” intake form
  2. If VU is the supplier of the materials, download and fill in the “MTA OUT” intake form
  3. After completing the form, send it to IXA office VU (