Fund your research

From an innovation point of view external funding is a  great opportunity to collaborate or achieve meaningful research results. The grant support teams of AMC, HvA, UvA, and VU-VUmc support you in applying for research grants. This concerns both individual and consortium applications for national as well as international research grants. The level of support varies per institute, but includes:

  • Advice on application for national and international grants
  • Communicating opportunities and linking grant criteria to researchers’ profiles
  • Advice on consortium formation
  • Providing feedback on proposals and rebuttals
  • Interview training
  • Post-evaluation analysis

Please visit the respective websites for more information and details on how to contact your dedicated grant support team:

Societal Impact and Knowledge Utilisation

Many grant applications, such as Horizon 2020, require paragraphs on Societal Impact and Knowledge Utilisation. These describe how your research results will benefit society or how they can be useful for companies or public organisations (e.g., museums, charities, governments), and how you will collaborate with these parties to transfer your knowledge. The grant support teams cooperate with the IXA business developers mentioned above, to help you with those paragraphs.

Consortium and Research Collaboration Agreements

In order to facilitate researchers applying for research grants, we additionally offer the support of our legal team. They can assist you with Consortium and Research Collaboration Agreements.