Start a company

Starting your own business is an exciting but also demanding undertaking. We will work with you to determine which way to go: partner with an existing company or organisation, or embark on the adventure of starting your own spin-off company. Once there is a solid business case and the decision has been made to launch your spin-off, IXA is here to assist you.

Developing a business case

We support you in setting up business models and writing the business plan. In the spin-off brochure you read about the steps to  take when setting up a spin-off company. Look up which agreements are necessary, how you approach this and who can help you in the IXA UvA spin-off brochure and IXA VU en Amsterdam UMC spin-off brochure.

Incubator facilities

Grow and nurture your idea in one of our incubator facilities such as Demonstrator Lab, where bright ideas are transformed into innovative products and services, or the Amsterdam Venture Studios to get support through joint incubation programs, training and mentoring, and much more.

Training and network activities

IXA gladly deploys its broad network of entrepreneurs and professionals from a wide range of industrial, business and public sectors, to strengthen the management of the new venture or provide external advisors. Students with plans for a start-up can profit from the knowledge of mentors found through the platform Startup and Running.

IXA also organises a range of workshops, courses and events to assist you in the valorisation process.

Our partner ACE offers courses in entrepreneurship as well, for instance the Explore Entrepreneurship, Inspire and Incubation programs.


We can connect you with funding sources, from subsidies and innovation grants to private investors. IXA also has its own set of financial instruments to support new ventures.

Legal advice

IXA’s legal experts can help you to produce the documents and contracts that describe all rules, rights and obligations between the parties involved. IXA can also represent you during negotiations.