Amsterdam UMC spin-off FiglinQ takes off

January 31, 2022

Amsterdam UMC researcher Dr. Przemek Krawczyk has developed FiglinQ: a cloud-based, collaborative platform for analysis, interactive plotting and publishing of research data in smart manuscripts. Earlier this year, Przemek was awarded an IXA Proof of Concept grant to launch FiglinQ, and since then several big milestones have been achieved: In June, the first smart manuscript generated with the use of FiglinQ was published in Nature. Later, FiglinQ received enthusiastic reactions from Elsevier and Springer-Nature. In December 2021, the spin-off company FiglinQ BV was incorporated. And shortly after the incorporation, an NWO Take Off Phase II loan of €250.000 was granted to FiglinQ BV to further develop and improve several key features of the platform, generate stable revenue streams and raise capital for further growth.