Amsterdam UMC’s newest medical devices startup, HaemoPulse

April 23, 2019

A new spin-off of Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, HaemoPulse, started in the first months of 2019. HaemoPulse will develop non-invasive optical technology for continuous real-time monitoring of blood hematocrit.

Being able to measure hematocrit in such a manner opens a wide range of clinical applications, such as tracking of fluid balance in critically ill patients in the ICU, or monitoring of fluid retention of dialysis patients between dialysis treatments. Current clinical techniques for such measurements are insufficiently accurate or require expensive, time-consuming, lab testing of invasively acquired blood samples.

HaemoPulse intends to provide the technology that provides doctors with critical information on fluid balance and blood hematocrit that they currently lack. The scientific founder, Dr. Alan Riordan, is an AMC researcher and the company is developing the technology with the biomedical optics research group of Prof. Ton van Leeuwen at AMC.