Call open for NWO’s Faculty of Impact: turning research into impactful ventures

June 19, 2024

A new call round of the Faculty of Impact is now open. This program provides researchers with the opportunity to turn breakthrough research into impactful ventures, including non-profit businesses. Two themes are connected to the current round: Agriculture, Water, and Food, which focuses on healthy agriculture and safe water and soil management, and Circular Economy, which aims to achieve a fully circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050. 

By supporting promising researchers from Dutch research institutes through a two-year fellowship, NWO’s Faculty of Impact provides the opportunity to turn innovations coming from research into businesses. Faculty of Impact works with thematic rounds, that are connected to the major societal challenges of our time. In 2024, the two highlighted themes are the following: 

  • Agriculture, water and food: The Netherlands need a vital rural area and resilient nature in a climate-resistant environment. Water and soil are a driving force, the agricultural and food system is sustainable and healthy, and the delta is safe; 
  • Circular economy: the Netherlands is fully circular in 2050. 

Support by VU IXA-GO 

The call for proposals is now open. The deadline for submitting applications is 1 October 2024. Fourteen fellows are expected to participate in this round of Faculty of Impact and a maximum application grant of € 185,000 applies to each of them.  

Eligible for application are: 

  • PhD students who have almost completed their PhD research before the start date of the Faculty of Impact programme. 
  • Postdocs, university (senior) lecturers or other scientific staff (max. scale 11) or comparable positions at a university of applied sciences.

VU IXA-GO is the go-to helpdesk for advice on your application in the Faculty of Impact.

“Our Business and Impact Development team enthusiastically supports researchers applying for the Faculty of Impact. We actively identify suitable research projects for the program and assist with application reviews. Last year, we proudly supported two successful applications from VU researchers, providing tailored training for the interview phase of the selection process.” 

~ Dalila El Ouarrat, Business Developer at VU IXA-GO 

Are you interested in the Faculty of Impact? Please feel welcome to contact VU IXA-GO Business and Impact Developers via  

For more information about the program and application process, please visit the NWO website and check the program page here. 

About the Faculty of Impact 

The Faculty of Impact is a collaboration between the Universities of the Netherlands (VSNU), Techleap and NWO. The Faculty of Impact has its own website that includes stories about the fellows of the programme, FAQ and news.