Collaboration Het Oranje Kruis and Amsterdam UMC with “Stop the bleeding – save a life”

September 23, 2019

First Aid Instructors of Het Oranje Kruis who have successfully completed the instructor course “Stop the bleeding – save a life” will receive an annotation on their First Aid Instructor diploma. Het Oranje Kruis and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, signed a collaboration agreement for this on September 23rd.

The course and the eponymous campaign “Stop the bleeding – save a life” was launched in 2017 by Amsterdam UMC. In the course, medical unskilled bystanders learn how to provide first aid to victims with life-threatening blood loss through direct pressure, the construction of a tourniquet and the stopping of a wound with gauze.

This collaboration meets the demand of First Aid instructors with a diploma from Het Oranje Kruis. Het Oranje Kruis believes it is very important that additional training courses for instructors meet high quality requirements. The collaboration with Stop the bleeding – save a life seems to guarantee this quality requirement. In addition, Amsterdam UMC and Het Oranje Kruis see it as a prelude to including the techniques from the Stop the bleeding course in the new first aid guidelines of 2021.

Royal foundation Het Oranje Kruis is the largest certifying organization in the Netherlands in the field of First Aid. She sets learning outcomes, creates teaching materials, examines and certifies first aid workers, First Aid instructors, LOTUS victims and LOTUS victims instructors. Currently, 300,000 citizens have a valid certification and 3200 instructors have a valid Oranje Kruis instructor diploma.