DBugIT’s Innovative Software Testing Platform Secures NRO and NWO Grants

July 17, 2023

DBugIT, an innovative platform for software testing, has received a significant boost with the award of both an NWO Take-off grant and an NRO grant. Developed at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) as part of the VU-BugZoo project, DBugIT aims to transform software testing by engaging users in a captivating bug-hunting game, replacing traditional assessments.

The NRO subsidy recognizes the potential of DBugIT and supports its further development with a substantial €10,000 grant. This funding will facilitate a pilot program at HvA, targeting returning students from the MakeITWork program. A masterclass in software testing will be offered, aiming to ignite students’ interest through an enthralling bug-hunting experience.

The NRO grant also acknowledges the significance of DBugIT beyond its own institution, as it aims to disseminate the products of Comenius projects. Notably, in 2019, a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant of €50,000 was awarded for the VU-Bugzoo project.

The take-off grant from NWO, worth circa €40,000, will help bring DBugIT to the wider market.

DBugIT, a project from the VU Demonstrator Lab, is an online tool that injects bugs into software, transforming software testing into an exciting bug-hunting experience. By engaging students and professionals in a pursuit of software bugs, DBugIT aims to make the process of testing software more enjoyable and rewarding. With this approach, DBugIT revolutionizes the way software testing is taught and practiced, preparing individuals to become skilled and proficient in building safe and reliable software systems.

Led by Dr. Ing. N. Silvis-Cividjian, the DBugIT team comprises dedicated individuals who are either current or former Informatics students: Marc Went, Robert Jansma, Caesar de Keijzer, Viktor Bonev, Emil Apostolov, and Martynas Rimkevicius.

Working with the Demonstrator Lab
Reflecting on their journey, the team expressed gratitude to the VU-Demonstrator Lab:

“We entered as an enthusiastic team of teachers and software developers, but with no prior business experience. The courses and connections we found here have opened our eyes and helped us turn our dream into a reality.”

Future DBugIT
DBugIT, supported by both NRO and NWO grants, is ready to further develop software testing, offering an engaging, fulfilling, and fair experience for everyone involved. Stay tuned for updates!