Demonstrator Lab project GlucoEasy wins NWO Open Mind funding of € 50,000

November 13, 2018

GlucoEasy has won the NWO Open Mind funding of € 50,000. The Open Mind grants are awarded by NWO to technologies with a surprisingly societal application.

Measure glucose, but comfortably
Diabetics should no longer have to measure their glucose levels by pricking blood. It can perhaps be a lot more comfortable, for example by measuring glucose levels in sweat. Dr. Elizabeth von Hauff, associated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has won an Open Mind grant for that idea. Von Hauff proposes to combine two existing measurement techniques into a new, highly sensitive glucose measurer that can continuously measure without pricking. This new technique will not suffer from fluctuations in pH, temperature and composition – and that makes it suitable to measure glucose in something other than blood. GlucoEasy is one of the projects of Demonstrator Lab.

Open Mind financing
Five bold research proposals have received Open Mind funding of € 50,000 from NWO. The grants were awarded during Teknowlogy, NOW’s innovation congress. The winning proposals were appointed by a jury, led by Ionica Smeets. NWO awards five Open Mind grants of € 50,000 for socially relevant research outside the beaten track.