Entrepreneurship for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

March 20, 2019

New elective : Entrepreneurship for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

In recent years, academic entrepreneurship education has shifted from the exclusive domains of business administration and economics to many other domains as well. In April/May 2019, entrepreneurship is taught for the first time to students of the master Computer Science (joint degree of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Amsterdam, (UvA) and the master Artificial Intelligence (VU), in the form of this new elective, loading 6 credits.

This elective is based on three pillars:

  • The transfer of academic knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, during lectures and study of academic papers from renowned international journals and academic books.
  • The development of personal entrepreneurial soft skills, which may contribute to entrepreneurial success, during interactive workshops.
  • To come from a business idea to a solid business plan, with the help of the adjusted Business Model Canvas 2018 approach and the study of an own real life case.

The coordinator of this elective is Prof. Enno Masurel (School of Business and Economics, VU). He says: “With five experienced lecturers and guest speakers and more than 40 highly motivated students we will make this elective a great success.”

This is the 5th entrepreneurship elective in beta sciences at the VU, next to Entrepreneurship for Physicists, Entrepreneurship in Data Science and Analytics, Entrepreneurship in Human Movement Sciences and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Physics and Technology. These five courses are clearly different, as they are applied to their own disciplines, but they all use the same format. Approximately 150 students take part in these courses in 2019.

Look for this entrepreneurship elective at the VU website.