Exciting launch of Social Sciences & Humanities Impact Fund at UvA

April 24, 2024

UvA Ventures Holding has launched the Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) Impact Fund that aims to capitalize on SSH research by supporting the development of academic spin-offs that address societal challenges. The initiative is a response to the need for practical applications of SSH research, identified through discussions with university researchers.

For whom?

The SSH Impact Fund will support University of Amsterdam researchers in the SSH fields to establish companies that have a positive societal impact, while also seeking to achieve financial returns.

Investments will target two main areas: SSH Ventures, companies based on Social Science and Humanities research from the University, and Social Ventures, companies with social or environmental missions that may come from any university faculty.

The SSH Impact Fund of UvA Ventures Holding is a possible follow-on funding of the IXA-UvA SSH Concept Fund. Together the two funds form the UvA’s Pathway to Impact, a joint effort of the Knowledge Transfer Office – Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) – and UvA Ventures Holding (UVA VH).

The UvA Pathway to Impact

The Pathway to Impact outlines the process for researchers to transition from research to commercial spin-offs or financially sustainable social ventures, with UvA VH potentially providing funding after initial IXA-UvA support.

Figure: UvA Pathway to Impact

IXA-UvA SSH Concept Fund

As shown in Figure 1 the IXA-UVA SSH Concept Fund provides researchers with a first budget to further conceptualize their thought-out research idea or experiment into an initial (business) plan for a company (non-profit or for-profit). The fund can also be used to validate the concept through market research, a pilot project or other means that will provide insight into feasibility and market/user needs.


Are you a researcher thinking about valorising with your research findings? Please contact Silvia Goddijn, s.t.goddijn@uva.nl, to discuss first steps. More information about IXA-UvA SSH Concept Fund.

Are you a step further in the process and ready to start-up your academic spin-off? Please contact Marleen Kappert,mkappert@uvaventures.nl, from UvA VH to inquire more information about funding from the UvA VH SSH Impact Fund.

UvA Ventures Holding

UvA Ventures Holding specializes in early-stage investment in academic spin-off companies from the University of Amsterdam, working to commercialize academic knowledge. More information can be found on the UvA Ventures Holding’s website.