Four Amsterdam start-ups selected in Academic Startup Competition’s top 20

January 23, 2024

Four academic start-ups from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC are among the 20 selected start-ups in the Academic Startup Competition 23/24! On the basis of their pitch, these start-ups have been selected by an expert jury and investors to participate in workshops, promotional programmes and peer-to-peer learnings to help the start-ups’ founders accelerate the growth and scalability of their companies. The support through the Academic Startup Competition will be guiding these start-ups to participate in upcoming events of the State of Dutch Tech, Hello Tomorrow in Paris, MYC XL Event and will conclude with a visit to the USA. Read the brief introduction of the four selected start-ups here: 

Veridis – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 

Veridis Technologies is an academic start-up that has been developing an innovative thermal analysis system that separates top quality plastics from lower quality plastics. Because of this system, both recyclers and producers can assign the correct grade to their materials and price their products accordingly, enabling standardized material certification and grading across the industry. 

Eddytec – Universiteit van Amsterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam 

Eddytec is a spin out that is working on sensing solutions for carbon fibre composites widely used in for instance aircrafts. Cracks and imperfections can make these materials less strong that reduces their lifetime. Eddytec is developing a fast, reliable, and affordable technique that can improve manufacturing and extend the lifetime of materials.  

SolarFoil – Universiteit van Amsterdam  

SolarFoil is a new spin-off from the University of Amsterdam that aims to increase greenhouse productivity by optimizing sunlight to increase crop yields. In doing so, they aim to reduce the use of energy-hungry artificial lighting and make horticulture more sustainable. 

Ayuvant – Universiteit Utrecht and Amsterdam UMC 

Ayuvant is a pharmaceutical start-up that is working on cancer immunotherapy, with treatments that rely on activating or suppressing the patient’s immune system. This offers chances for less toxic treatments and more durable antitumor responses. The treatment is currently under development and found to be very effective against aggressive forms of cancer in mice. Ayuvant’s main goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of many patients by eventually bringing the treatment to the market. More about the researcher behind Ayuvant: Lukas Czentner  

About the Academic Startup Competition 

The Academic Startup Competition aims to valorise academic start-ups in their respective fields, sharing skills, knowledge and gives national and international recognition to academic start-ups that provide innovative solutions to global challenges. 

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