Hearing check for employees what might suffer from occupational hearing loss

March 30, 2020

Nearly one million Dutch people work every day in potentially harmful noise levels. More than 3000 employees annually report to the occupational health physician about hearing complaints due to noise.

The product currently known as “Bedrijfsoorcheck” is a speech-in-noise hearing test and has been developed jointly by LUMC, Amsterdam UMC location AMC and the Nationale Hoorstichting for employees who are exposed to noise levels that are potentially damaging to hearing.

The Nationale Hoorstichting and VeiligheidNL merged in 2018. The ‘Bedrijfsoorcheck’ has been licensed to VeiligheidNL who will develop and disseminate the product. Creating an opportunity for companies to monitor and test employees for potential damages to their hearing with an advanced and well-calibrated speech-in-noise test.