High Tech NL visiting IXA online

December 14, 2020

On December 9, IXA organized an online event in which the members of High Tech NL, the branch organization of High Tech companies and organizations, visited spin-off initiatives in the area of sensors and AI in the Amsterdam region, like Optics11 (Spin-off VU, that uses his knowledge in fiber optics and acoustics in various applications) and Kepler Vision (Spin-off UvA, develops software for care professionals that monitors clients realtime and recognizes whether they need care). Also other initiatives from UvA, VU and HvA were presented and held online meetings with the HighTech companies.

The visit was first planned as a life event in April, but because of Covid it had been postponed and changed into an online event. Even so interaction between the members of High Tech NL and the initiatives in Amsterdam worked out well. Niek Rijnveld (CEO Optics11) got the question how important contact with other SMI’s was for Optics11. He told that it was difficult to directly get in contact with large customers and that a lot of his business development went via SMI’s. For Harro Stokman (CEO Kepler Vision), Kepler Vision was the second spin-off for which he was part of the founding team. He explained that from his unique scientific insight he could identify a “blue ocean business opportunity”.