Inspire your students with Amsterdam entrepreneurship cases

April 24, 2019

Tuesday 23 April two new entrepreneurship teaching cases have been launched: The Next Web and Radically Open. By involving examples about inspiring Amsterdam entrepreneurs in education, students get inspiring examples from their immediate environment. The cases can be used at any level, but are especially suitable for late Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses at universities. Earlier teaching cases are: Tony Chocolonely, Optics11, SRXP en Metrica Sports.

The new entrepreneurship teaching cases

  • Nonprofit computer security consultancy Radically Open Security (ROS) by Joris Ebbers / UvA, Melanie Rieback (CEO ROS)
  • The Next Web (TNW) by Martin Haring / HvA, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (CEO TNW) en Julie Donders (former employee TNW)

To bring entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam to a higher level, case studies are developed about inspiring entrepreneurs. Each case features a successful company from the Amsterdam region. The cases can be used at any level, and are especially suitable for late Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses, and for executive education. The cases consist of a written case and an introduction video. Teaching notes are available upon request and for teachers only. To download the cases and see the video take a look at the website of Entrepreneurship cases Amsterdam.

About the cases

Radically Open Security is a nonprofit computer security consultancy founded by Melanie Rieback in 2014, whose organizational structure is based on the principle of “ethics by design”: prohibiting dividends, investors, and exits. The majority of ROS’ work consists of penetration testing, which are authorized cyberattacks to evaluate the security of IT systems. Being a platform, ROS is a 100% virtual organization that does not have a physical office but manages a network of freelance pentesters, most of whom are also active in the global hacker and open source community.

The TNW case introduces an entrepreneurial firm and what it means to work at an entrepreneurial firm. What are the benefits and pitfalls for employees when working at an entrepreneurial firm and how does the entrepreneur deal with the different wants and needs of his employees? What are the conditions under with a blame free environment can be build and how do employees cope with the many changes and responsibilities in an entrepreneurial firm?

Learn more about the other cases at the website.