IXAnext Physics2Market grant and invitation to Round Table discussion for Chris Slootweg

September 15, 2020

Chris Slootweg (UvA) has been awarded an IXAnext Physics2Market grant for his work to use sodium borohydride as a carrier of hydrogen. For his expertise on the energy transition, especially in the field of hydrogen Slootweg has been invited to participate in the round-table discussion on the energy transition. 

Regeneration protocol to release hydrogen
Hydrogen is an important energy carrier in the energy transition to a sustainable climate, but the low energy density (amount of energy that can be stored in a given volume) is not ideal for mobility applications. The storage of hydrogen in a metal hydride offers benefits. A promising candidate is sodium borohydride (NaBH4), which has advantages over other storage media. The energy density is high and in solid form comparable to diesel, the powder can be safely handled and transported and it is non-toxic. With his IXAnext Physics2Market grant Chris develops an efficient regeneration protocol to release the hydrogen before use according to the goals set by partners from industry. 

Round Table
The round table is an initiative of several Ministries and is let by Robert-Jan Smits (president of the TUE). This round table is the preparation for the Innovatie Expo 2021 (https://www.innovatie-estafette.nl/). The Innovation Expo will take place on April 8 2021, and in preparation for this, three acceleration processes will be initiated in the coming months: energy transition, circular economy and making the built environment more sustainable.

About IXAnext Physics2Market grant
With this grant IXA stimulates the receiver to validate physics related research towards exploitation in cooperation with an industrial partner. The budget per project is 10 to 35k€.