Kepler Vision Technologies secures €1.5M investment to boost healthcare innovation

April 24, 2024

Kepler Vision Technologies, a spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, secured a significant €1.5M investment from ROM InWest last month. The company will use the funds to accelerate the production of its ‘Kepler Night Nurse’ solution, a smart technology for care home fall detection. The company is now positioned for global expansion, targeting the UK and US markets.

A smart solution in elderly care

Kepler Vision Technology develops an AI that looks after the well-being of humans, particularly in eldercare centres. The company has been securing the funds to accelerate the production of its ‘Kepler Night Nurse’ solution which is a computer vision-based detection system designed to monitor patients’ body position and posture. By utilising machine learning training and computer vision, the technology can detect falls, patient discomfort, and abnormal behaviour and immediately notify the nursing staff. This reduces the workload of healthcare professionals.

Kickstart at UvA

Kepler Vision Technology is being led by CEO Harro Stokman, former UvA researcher in Computer Vision. It was founded in 2018 with intellectual property generated by Cees Snoek and Arnold Smeulders. Kepler got a kickstart with an initial investment from UvA Venture. The initial setup was to explore computer vision cases. Later on, the idea came to focus on care home fall detection.

Harro Stokman, CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, says,

“The healthcare industry has been struggling with acute staff shortages for years. This problem is only exacerbated by the aging population. A quarter of the current workforce will retire in the next five years while the number of elderly people continues to grow. Elder care, therefore, needs more support than ever. Thanks to ROM InWest’s investment, we can scale up our Kepler Night Nurse production to help more healthcare professionals in their work. My goal is for our software to be accessible around the world, and with great support like this, we are getting closer to that goal.”

Quote is from: by Vignesh R. – April 11, 2024