Lightcore aims to Revolutionize Consumer Electronics through Light-Powered Innovation

January 24, 2024

Every Dutch household has over 40 electronical devices that have a staggering need for batteries. Our reliance on batteries results in significant financial and environmental costs. UvA spinoff Lightcore, founded by Dr. Tijmen Bakker, is developing a revolutionary light-powered solution for consumer electronics that is efficient, innovative, and sustainable. Lightcore has now been granted a €100,000 proof-of-concept grant by IXA to develop the first prototype.

Using light as an energy source for small electronics 

Light is an omnipresent source of energy, shining from the sun, glowing from our digital screens, and beaming from indoor bulbs. Lightcore is developing solution to harness all forms of ambient light, capturing energy from any light source, whether it is the natural light of the sun or the artificial light in the home or office. 

The journey of Lightcore

Lightcore was officially launched by the founder Dr. Tijmen Bakker and Klaas van Leest as co-founder, with developing sustainable, infinite energy solutions for everyday devices as its mission. 

IXA has been offering continuous support to Dr. Bakker, also for his participation in the Faculty of Impact Program (entailing mentoring, training sessions, and significant business development efforts), to develop his research at the UvA further in turning everyday light into a dependable energy source for household devices. This approach, if successful, could significantly reduce costs and environmental impact of our energy consumption for small electronics.