New physics2market projects funded

December 10, 2020

The physics2market fund has awarded 10 to 35k euros to five astonishing projects. The projects cover gas sensing in stables, a laboratory facility, SMIs, COVID-19 virus and 3D-printing. The physics2market fund will enabling researchers to make a first step in collaborating with an industrial partner.

Gas sensing in stables
Marcel van der Horst (HvA) has received funding for his project on continuous gas sensing in stables. Sensing different gases, such as H2S and ammonia in the stable, can help farmers to optimize their processes and indicate certain problems. Current sensors are not stable enough, or too complex and expensive to enable a system for continuous probing. Together with Blue Reactor Systems B.V., which is making systems to neutralize gases and a number of farmers he wants to test a new type of gas sensors.

Open Kitchen Lab
Joost Reek (UvA) and Monalisa Goswami (Spark904) have received a grant to run a first pilot with Open Kitchen Lab. This will be a service available in one of the Matrix buildings where spin-offs can rent a laboratory facility which already has the basic equipment and consumables. Unlike the already existing services labs it will be ready to start experiments immediately and the rental period can vary from days to months. Details of the plan still must be worked out, but MatrixIC has made the lab available for the pilot.

Predictive maintenance kit for SMIs
Jurjen Helmus (HvA) has received funding to develop a predictive maintenance kit for SMIs. This kit consists of a set of multi-sensor boxes in a mesh network that can stream data in real-time at diverse locations.

Research to stop the covid-19 virus from replicating
Two researchers at the UvA SILS department have been granted 32 k euro for their research in to stopping the covid-19 virus from replicating. Stanley Brul and Ewelina Weglarz-Tomczak want to test their research idea. As the experiments require a special BL-3 lab Lia van der Hoek (Amsterdam UMC) offered to support the research with the real virus!

3D imaging
Lyuba Amitonova (ARCNL) has received funding to start-up a collaboration with Photosynthetic B.V., a spin-off from CWI, developing a novel method for 3D printing. As an expert in optics Lyuba will explore approaches that can be used for in-situ 3D imaging of micro-structures created by photolithography methods.

The physics2market fund is still open for new applications in the beginning of 2021