Now online a podcast series about entrepreneurship

January 16, 2023

The topic of entrepreneurship in knowledge institutes is very diverse. From entrepreneurship as a research subject, as an educational program, or as a way to bring innovative and knowledge based idea’s towards application in society. In the new podcast series produced by HvA Venture Centre one can learn more about about what sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education entails.

Every year during the Global Entrepreneurship week the HvA Venture Centre creates a podcast series on entrepreneurship. During the most recent edition, project lead Dion Douwsma interviewed a variety of guests and made them share their insights on entrepreneurship in a different way.
HvA Researcher and teacher Maarten Hogenstijn offers insights into social entrepreneurship, research on social entrepreneurship, and how naturally embedded the social aspect should be in the future. Hille Wichers (founder HvA startup Soilspect) shared his experience about developing a business during the SYBIT minor, in which coach Rutger Schuurman joined the conversation. Jesse van der Meulen (Co-Founder Aimforthemoon) shares his personal experiences on having an entrepreneurial mind- and skillset.Assistant professor Yvette Baggen (Wageningen University & Research) shares her path towards scientific research in entrepreneurship. Amin Michel (founder consultancy bureau Inclusion4Diversity) talks about why inclusion and diversity is more than what is visible to the eye. Want to hear Amin’s tip on how to develop a more inclusive and diverse mindset? Then listen to the podcast!

The podcast is available via Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube