PPS projects granted within Amsterdam UMC

November 6, 2018

Various projects within Amsterdam UMC have received funding through the PPS Allowance from Top Sector Life Sciences & Health to stimulate R&D in public private partnerships. This funding is a financial instrument to help consortia consisting of research organisations, knowledge institutes, companies, and health foundations to realise their innovative ideas. The funding per project varies from 100-200k€.

Granted projects:

  • Sophia Kramer: Hear@Work: Development and proof of concept study of a new eHealth intervention that empowers adults with hearing difficulties in the workforce
  • Marjolein van Egmond: Identification of a therapeutic target to inhibit lgA-induced neutrophil activation and tissue damage in autoimmune diseases and/or chronic inflammation
  • Marieke Pronk: Development and evaluation of an eHealth tool for adults with hearing problems who are not ready (yet) for a hearing aid
  • Wiep Scheper: Modelling tau pathology in human neuron/astrocyte co-cultures
  • Ronald van Kesteren: High-content assays for human iPSC-derived neurons: a proof-of-concept study into brain network impairments underlying frontotemporal dementia
  • Maurice van den Hoff: An atlas of annotated 3D ultra sound images of human development
  • Sheila Krishnadath: Validation of the biological effects of a novel anti BMP2/4 inhibitor for treatment of Barrett’s esophagus
  • Vivian de Waard: 3D smooth muscle cell morphology assay to identify personalized aortic pharmacotherapy targets for Marfan Syndrome patients
  • Floor Hugenholtz: REMAP (Restoration of Microbiome After Pneumonia)
  • Dirk Faber: MEMS-catheter based 3D optical coherence tomography of bladder lesions (M-cat)
  • Dick Sterenborg: Optipress – goal of this project is to enhance the understanding of the tissue response to NPWT to form a theoretical basis for optimizing NPWT treatment protocols and bandages
  • Alan Riordan: Light-based non-invasive measurement of blood hematocrit
  • Gert Streekstra: Deep learning analysis of mechanical breast compression: narrowing the gap (Deep-Breast) between what the surgeon feels and what the radiologist sees
  • Bert-Jan van den Born: Amsterdam Telemonitoring and Hypertension Initiative (ATHENA)
  • Wouter de Jonge: The development of predictive epigenetic biomarkers to guide successful IBD treatment (EPI-IBD)
  • Diederik van de Beek: Mecha-BaM- mechanisms of complement activation and amplification in bacterial meningitis
  • Cyriel Ponsioen: Developing and implementing an interactive App platform for clinical and research purposes, including high-density symptoms and quality of life mapping (Actual-Q App)
  • Phythia van Nieuwkerk: Enhancing communication about medication adherence
  • Jan Ophuis: PROMising health platform- creating an online platform for collecting PROMs, by
    integrating the PROMs into a platform with data accessible for both researcher and patients.

The call for new projects within Amsterdam UMC – location VUmc is open since November 1. Pre-application deadline is December 17, 2018. For more information, please contact us at info@ixa.nl