Amsterdam UMC and Quantib enter partnership to accelerate AI solutions

October 21, 2019

Amsterdam UMC and Quantib, leader in Medical Imaging AI solutions, announce their partnership to develop and validate AI software in a joint venture with University Medical Center Utrecht, named Quantib-U. As part of the deal, Amsterdam UMC will provide access to data and allocate one of its top AI Medical Imaging scientists to projects within Quantib-U on a part-time basis. Quantib is now backed by the three largest radiology practices* of The Netherlands together providing unique insights into new use cases, broad data access and user feedback in a multi-center setting.

“Truly successful adoption of new AI software will only happen if we co-create with top clinicians and AI researchers”, says Arthur Post Uiterweer, CEO of Quantib and Quantib-U. “With this partnership it now only takes a few weeks to develop and deploy new AI prototypes for clinical validation in three top clinical centers.”

Amsterdam UMC is a top clinical center, the largest in The Netherlands, and very interested in the new options that AI developments provide in healthcare. Additionally, Amsterdam UMC is happy to establish this collaboration with Quantib, which will allow Amsterdam UMC, through its AI Medical Imaging team, to contribute to the creation of better solutions for the benefit of patients.