Study of anesthesiology possible through support of Amsterdam UMC spin-off

October 21, 2021

Oxygen is of vital importance. In critical situations, the management of oxygenation is difficult. Many interventions during and after surgery and in intensive care are aimed at maintaining oxygen levels in organ cells. Until now, only indirect information about this has been available. As a result, what is the best treatment for the individual patient is often controversial. With Photonics Healthcare’s COMET system, it is now possible to measure oxygen availability directly in cells that require oxygen. In the AIMED COMET study, anesthesiologists are investigating how to improve cellular oxygen availability in the skin with common interventions. Sufficient oxygenation at the cellular level is an important step to prevent complications such as wound infections, and possibly organ failure. Both locations (AMC and VUmc) of Amsterdam UMC are participating in the AIMED COMET study led by Prof. Dr. Markus Hollmann and made possible in part by support from spin-off Photonics Healthcare, which is bringing an invention from Amsterdam UMC and ErasmusMC into clinical practice.